Big Dinghy at Richmond YCApril 1 - 2
Big Dinghy
Richmond Yacht Club, Richmond CA
April 1-3, 2023
Report by Laird Henkel, photos from Toshi Takayanagi.

A few days beforehand, the forecast was for potential rain and no wind on Saturday, but the weekend weather ended up being close to ideal. The wind was mostly 10-15 knots each day, more on the 10-knot end of the spectrum (sometimes less, from the southwest) on Saturday and more on the 15-knot end (sometimes more, from the northwest) on Sunday. The race committee did a great job, getting off the planned three races per day. Tactics (and stamina on Sunday) were key--races involved substantial oscillating shifts, large shifts to the right, and interesting current dynamics. Lance Kim nearly swept the ILCA 7 fleet, although Nick Roosevelt bested him in one race to win his first-ever Laser race. Toshi Takayanagi dominated the ILCA 6 fleet and even beat all the 7's in two races. A good time was had by all!

Big Dinghy results:

Big Dinghy photos:
1Toshinari Takayanagi   
2Laird Henkel   
3Ernest Galvan   
4Courtney Clamp   
5Laurie Davis
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