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Big Dinghy
Richmond YC
April 1 - 2
(5 boats, -1 race)

District 24 Laser Grand Prix sponsored by West Coast Sailing.

Notice of Series for 2022 will be available soon,

This series leverages existing regattas at yacht clubs in District 24. Please check each organizing authority's web site for NOR & SIs for events in the series. These websites can be found under Details under Events, and can also be found via the calendar at Check there for up-to-date details.

The series was conceived and developed by Ralph Pombo and Ken Crawford.

Series Winners

Year Standard Radial
2006 Walt Spevak
2007 Walt Spevak
2008 David Lapier
2009 Mike Bishop
2010 Tracy Usher Christy Usher
2011 Tracy Usher Mark Halman
2012 Tracy Usher Christy Usher
2013 Peter Shope Will Cefali
2014 Emilio Castelli Laird Henkel
2015 Emilio Castelli Stephen Aguilar
2016 Emilio Castelli Toshinari Takayanagi
2017 Marcel Sloane Andrew John Holdsworth
2018 Lance Kim
Marcel Sloane
Toshinari Takayanagi
2019 Julian Soto Toshinari Takayanagi
2022 Emilio Castelli Toshinari Takayanagi

Please note the eligibility requirements, specified in the notice of series (found under the Rules header), include Laser class membership. It is interesting to see how many people are participating in the series, so class membership won't be required to appear in the standings. But to win prizes at the end of the season, you need to be a class member. Please join the class and support Laser sailing for Laser sailors. Please also note there is a minimum number of events required to qualify for the series

File Photo: 2012 Laserpalooza

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dings in blades lesson
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